Substance Abuse Treatment

"“Our approach to substance abuse counseling focuses on the belief that each individual is a person of worth and dignity and is capable of recovery. An attitude of realistic hope is central to our treatment philosophy. We recognize that substance use disorders are chronic problems, with both common and unique challenges for each person.

By increasing our clients' awareness of risks associated with alcohol and other drugs we can support positive and sustainable change in their lives.”

—Youth Services Clinical Director

Youth Services recognizes that substance use, misuse and dependence affects not only the individual but also significant others and the community at large. We work with clients who present a variety of problems or issues including: alcohol and other drug use, misuse, abuse, dependence, recovery, relapse or family/relationship/student concern.

Youth Services using the Assessment, Intervention, Recovery (AIR) framework. We believe that supportive and therapeutic counseling services for individuals, families and groups are effective methods to address substance related issues. We provide a variety of consultation and clinical services designed to decrease hazardous use, promote abstinence, assist in recovery and problem resolution, improve functioning and develop a healthier lifestyle.

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