Denise & Jasmine


Denise and Jasmine have been matched for six months and things are going great! Jasmine is shy, but really enjoys her time with Denise. Her favorite thing about being a Little is being able to spend time with her Big. They love taking walks together, just to talk and hang out, especially in the winter. They both enjoy being outside, but when they aren’t Denise and Jasmine build things with Legos or Lincoln logs. Denise feels that she has learned to be a better builder from Jasmine. Jasmine loves having Denise come to her school every week and Denise always feels very welcomed by Jasmine and likes getting to know Jasmine’s friends. As the school year comes to a close Denise and Jasmine look forward to next year, and Jasmine specifically wants to continue with Denise in her fourth grade year. Denise and Jasmine love being together and they only wish that they could see each other more!