Our Team/Board of Directors

Our team of professionals is very approachable and works in partnership with local youth and families. With the exception of those in our Bellows Falls 26 South St. office at 802-460-0106, our staff members can be reached at Youth Services main number: 802-257-0361. E-mail addresses for our staff members follow.

Name Title Email


Russell Bradbury-Carlin Executive Director Russell.BradburyCarlin@youthservicesinc.org
Gail Bourque Administrative Director Gail.Bourque@youthservicesinc.org
Lorraine Westcott Administrative Assistant Lorraine.Westcott@youthservicesinc.org
Renee Madore HR Coordinator Renee.Madore@youthservicesinc.org
Nanci Leitch Development & Communications Director Nanci.Leitch@youthservicesinc.org
Samantha French Vista Member/Volunteer Coordinator & Development Assistant Samantha.French@youthservicesinc.org

Workforce Development Program

Emilie Kornheiser Workforce Development Director Emilie.Kornheiser@youthservicesinc.org
Meghan Licciardi Friends for Change Co-Coordinator Meghan.Licciardi@youthservicesinc.org
Hailee Galandak-Cochran Friends for Change Co-Coordinator Hailee.GalandakCochran@youthservicesinc.org
Michaela Stockwell Workforce Connections Coordinator Michaela.Stockwell@youthservicesinc.org

Restorative Justice Programs

Sally Struble Director of Restorative Justice Programs Sally.Struble@youthservicesinc.org
Patrick Fleming Diversion Case Manager Patrick.Fleming@youthservicesinc.org
Rhonda Aither Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program/Driver’s License Suspension Program Rhonda.Aither@youthservicesinc.org
Adriana Hazelton Pretrial Coordinator Adriana.Hazelton@youthservicesinc.org
 Sarah Ballou  Balanced & Restorative Justice Coordinator Sarah.Ballou@youthservicesinc.org

Youth Development/Case Management

 Christine Linn Youth Development Director Christine.Linn@youthservicesinc.org
Mack Mackin Youth & Young Adult Intake and Group Coordinator Mack.Mackin@youthservicesinc.org
Lana Dever Youth Homelessness Resource Coordinaor Lana.Dever@youthservicesinc.org
Sarah Croitoru Youth Development Coordinator Sarah.Croitoru@youthservicesinc.org
Wendi Byther Therapeutic Case Manager Wendi.Byther@youthservicesinc.org
Janice Berube Bellows Falls Therapeutic Case Manager Janice.Berube@youthservicesinc.org
Hannah Woodring Family Support Specialist Case Manager Hannah.Woodring@youthservicesinc.org

Clinical Program

Heather Smith, LCMHC Director of Clinical Services Heather.Smith@youthservicesinc.org

Youth Services’ Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from all walks of life and professions who donate their time, talent and financial resources to enhance the agency’s programs. All board members are residents of Windham County and nearby New Hampshire. They collaborate closely with the agency’s Executive Director and staff and strive to ensure the organization delivers high quality programs that are responsive to the local community’s needs.


Rachel Selsky, President
Cathy Coonan, Vice President
Debbie Taggard, Treasurer
Melissa Gullotti, Secretary

Johana Lengfellner, Asst. Treasurer

Board Members

Barbara Gentry
Johana Lengfellner
Craig Miskovich
Ana Saavedra
Tammy Bischof
Tom Nunziata
Suzi Wagner

Director Emeritus
David Brown

Larry Cassidy