Workforce Development

"All our workforce services are based in a mentoring model: partnering employers/entrepreneurs/artists with youth and adults to build trust first and skills second.

This essential first step of supported connection simplifies the challenges of navigating complex class, trauma, and education issues of employment training."

—Workforce Development Director

Youth Services’ workforce development offers a spectrum of employment services with a low barrier to entry. Clients find support with short-term as well as long-term work, work training and internships. Support is offered (as needed) to navigate benefits cliff, find transportation and childcare, collaborate with existing services and communicate with employers, caregivers and school systems.

All mentors and clients who are referred into the program will be screened, documented, and matched with appropriate services/partners. Program support staff offers ongoing training and mentoring opportunities for mentors and clients, in both cohort and individual settings and troubleshoot challenging situations.