Transitional Living / Shelter Housing

"After returning from rehab, my Youth Services case manager helped me move away from my tendency to crash when life becomes overwhelming. My weekly meetings were my touchstone. From budgeting money, to nutrition and healthy sleeping patterns I was supported and encouraged to do my best. I’m proud to say I’ve maintained my sobriety, completed high school, and held two jobs. I hope to someday make such a difference in another person’s life."

—19-year-old former Transitional Living client

Youth Services’ Transitional Living Program (TLP) provides short-term residential services to homeless youth ages 16 to 21. The services are designed to help young people who are homeless make a successful transition to self-sufficient living. Elements of the program include outreach services, positive youth development approach to providing services, intake and assessment, support services, shelter, plan of care and life skills.

Youth Services provides youth with stable, safe living accommodations (host-family homes, group homes, supervised apartments or rentals in the community) and services that help them develop skills necessary to become independent.

Case management and support services includes:

  • Basic life-skill building, including consumer education and instruction in budgeting, use of credit, housekeeping, menu planning, food preparation and parenting skills.
  • Interpersonal skill building, including enhancing young people’s ability to establish positive relationships with peers and adults, make decisions and manage stress.
  • Educational opportunities such as GED preparation, postsecondary training and vocational education.
  • Assistance in job preparation and attainment, such as career counseling and job placement.
  • Mental health care, including group and individual counseling.
  • Physical health care, including routine physicals, health assessments and emergency treatment.

Shelter Housing

Youth Services currently operates two transitional living shelters, one in Brattleboro and one in Bellows Falls. Each shelter provides a room with common living space and a live-in housing manager. Clients usually stay in the housing for up to 6 months. The program is currently funded by grants.

Please fill out our referral forms:

Client Referral Sheet
Client Referral Cover Sheet

Email both referral forms to the Intake Coordinator at or call the hotlines:

A Place to Sleep Tonight (Ages 12-23): Youth Services Hotline (866) 888-4498
Mental Health: Call HCRS Crisis at (800) 622-4235, 911 or visit Emergency Room
Medical Crisis: Please call 911 or visit Emergency Room