Directory of Online Employment Information

VDOL–Vermont Department of Labor

Economic and labor market information for the State of Vermont.


One of the earliest guides to the Internet job search, offers numerous well-selected links to job search resources for the world. Users can search for job sites by location, profession, industry or job type. Site owner Susan Joyce has included several other useful articles and information resources, including articles on protecting privacy online and choosing a job site.

Job Hunters Bible

This online guide to the job search is developed and maintained by Richard Bolles. The Job Hunter’s Bible is a supplement to Bolles’ bestseller, What Color Is Your Parachute? (Bolles’ older versions of this book are better than the 2010 edition, which is simply a job hunting manual (there is also a teen version of this book) and is spiced with his comments and observations on the job search and the decision-making process. Included on this site is his Net Guide to the best job search and career information sites online.

Job Star

JobStar began as a California job search guide, but it has always been a highly useful resource for everyone. Now it is purposely expanding to new regions in the U.S. JobStar is one of the best places to learn how and where to look for employment both online and offline. Included in the wealth of information are articles on the hidden job market, salary negotiation and numerous other topics.

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet

Having the distinction of being the first guide to the Internet as a tool for finding new employment, Margaret Riley Dikel started this site in January 1994 and continues to maintain it as a free resource. The Riley Guide links to hundreds of sources of information for job leads, career exploration and potential employers. It has information to help users explore new careers, new places to live and new education and training options.

Yahoo! Employment and Work

Yahoo links to more than 1,500 sites for job leads and other sources of employment information. Users should not limit themselves to this list, since almost every category in Yahoo has subcategories.