Work Today

"The number one goal is to get cash into people’s pockets. We’ve been looking for a way for folks to find easier access to work. We can meet people’s needs with dignity while staying in compliance with laws and labor rights. Ultimately we hope people build new connections and the skills to enter the workforce permanently if desired."

—- Director of Workforce Development

Work Today is a pilot low-barrier work program expected to start early July 2020. Intended to serve as a new sort of temp agency, the program will connect 10 temporary workers with daily work in Brattleboro.  They will receive $15 per hour for doing what organizers envision as custodial work, seasonal tasks, and simple municipal maintenance projects.

 A Youth Services case manager will provide transportation, coordination, and lunch delivery daily, as well as counseling services for interested participants. Participants should plan to arrive work-ready, and will be paid in cash at the end of the day.

 The program is anticipated to operate three days a week for three months with the Town of Brattleboro its primary client. After proving its viability, Youth Services will seek other funding through grants and bring on other employers.