Young Moms Support Group

"Young Mom’s Group provides a judgement free space for pregnant and parenting young mothers to share ideas, build positive peer relationships, teach each other, ask for support and make it known that parenting is a learning process for everyone. We focus on making the structure of the group evolve with the moms and strive to keep the curriculum and program offering in line with what is relevant to their lives, in real time. Also, we laugh a lot!"

—Young Mom’s Group Case Manager

Youth Services reaches out to young moms who benefit from the camaraderie of other mothers and their unique struggles as young parents with guidance from professionals and community mentors. Presently the support group operates only in Bellows Falls, Vermont, in the evening, with a meal and childcare provided by volunteers. The Brattleboro group may restart so interested moms are encouraged to call. The programs collaborate with early childhood providers, such as Early Education Services in Brattleboro, to bring child development expertise to the mothers.

Guest speakers and topics are initiated by the needs and interest of the mothers as well as needs identified by Youth Services case managers.