Military Information


DefenseLink, the official website of the U.S. Department of Defense, was developed to serve as the starting point for finding U.S. military and defense information online. This page links to the listings of civilian job opportunities as well as the recruiting sites for all branches of the military. This includes press releases, a variety of reports, bloggers, bios of all top civilian and military leaders in this department and much more. To learn more about the Department of Defense, its organization and the departments within it, review the Defense Almanac, found under the Websites link (

Today’s Military

Today’s Military is a one-stop center for all the information needed to explore the U.S. Military Services, opportunities available in the military and military life. There are many ways to access the information here, including the links at the top of the page (What It Is, What It’s Like, What You Get, How to Decide, Next Steps), selecting from the menu of quick links in the middle of the page or by selecting the information you’d like to see based on who you are (parents, teacher or student/person considering serving.) It encourages people to really consider whether the military is a good choice before enlisting and offers suggestions to guide a person in this decision-making process.