Researching Employers

Company Research Guide, Rutgers University Libraries

The Rutgers librarians have created this resource to guide researchers through the process of learning about a company. Listings for the top business research sources (both print and online) are provided, and the site is organized according to the logical steps of the research process.

Hoover’s Online

Hoover’s is a well-known and respected publisher of business almanacs. Users can access a tremendous amount of free information from the website, but paid subscribers will have access to even more detailed profiles. Hoover’s OnLine covers U.S. and non-U.S. companies as well as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

How to Research Companies

This article from by Karmen N.T. Crowther covers the employer–research process in five parts, outlining what you want to learn and giving suggested resources for finding what you need to know.

Online services offer “insider guides to employers.” These consist of interviews with employees of the organization or the employers themselves. They are good insights into the company’s culture, interview process and career development possibilities. In addition, both and offer job and resume boards along with career and job search advice.