"The mess surrounding my parents’ divorce affected me and my siblings in a bad way. Counseling from Youth Services taught me to deal with situations differently, how to handle them better, improve the outcome. Thanks to them my brother is getting individual help from a case manager and my sister has been matched with a mentor. I’m starting to get my sparkle back.


—Daughter of a Newly Divorced Parent

The Counseling Center for Teens and Emerging Adults continues Youth Services’ long-standing commitment to vulnerable youth by offering psychotherapy services to adolescents and emerging adults. The teen and young adult years are marked by challenging milestones that leave youth vulnerable to the onset of mental and behavioral health issues.

For adolescents, individual and group therapy offers a safe space to explore identity development, peer pressure, academic struggles and family dynamics. For adults up to 26, counselors can help youth adjust to new responsibilities such as establishing a household, becoming financially independent, maintain long-term relationships or parenting. Family therapy and mediation services may be provided to teens and families struggling to resolve conflict, effectively communicate, or redefine changing roles.

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