Mental Health Counseling

"I really appreciated the safety of having someone I could talk to without being judged. Sometimes things at my house weren't ideal for talking about my feelings so it helped to go there and talk about that stuff and how anxious I was really helped. I stopped going during my senior year because things were going well but when I graduated and had to figure out what being an adult looked like for myself, my anxiety went up really high. I called Youth Services and was able to return to therapy and learn more things I can do to help myself when I get stressed out. I've learned so much about myself! "

—Former Client

Youth and Young Adults

Youth Services’ long-standing commitment to vulnerable youth is reflected in the clinical services it offers to adolescents and young adults. The teenage years are filled with challenging milestones that can leave youth feeling vulnerable.

Young adults often struggle to adjust to new responsibilities such as establishing their own household, becoming financially independent, maintaining long term relationships or becoming new parents. For these individuals, Youth Services provides a safe space to explore identity development, family dynamics, academic struggles, peer relationships and numerous other topics the individual wishes to explore.


Youth Services also offers counseling services to adults.

Individuals seeking counseling can call (802) 257-0361 x124 for information or to schedule an initial appointment to discuss their needs.