Youth Substance Awareness Safety

"I was required to cease all drugs and alcohol use and even though it was difficult at first, I have never felt better. My mood is better, my periods of depression are less frequent and intense, and I’m less anxious, more productive and have begun working out again to achieve a more natural high. Smoking was a poor coping mechanism and actually could have made my problems worse."

—Putney Youth

Our Youth Substance Awareness Safety Program (YSASP) is a confidential program designed to emphasize healthy choices over punishment for young people charged with alcohol or civil-marijuana offenses. Its focus is on an evidence-based intervention model that utilizes a substance use screening and interview process to determine the level of intervention that will be most appropriate. Levels of intervention may include one or more meetings with a YSASP case manager, a clinical substance use assessment, or longer-term substance use treatment. If the participant successfully completes program requirements and recommendations, the citation is voided and the record is sealed.

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Frequently Asked Questions for YSASP