Youth-led Business

"People in Brattleboro want to be conscious shoppers, and will support a business like Demographix offering a living wage and better life opportunities for its employees. One major goal of the youth-led business initiative is for the participants to get more than just a paycheck. It’s an opportunity to connect across class lines with other caring community members."

—Workforce Development Director

Our youth-led business-to-business screen-printing company, DemoGraphix, promotes job skills and entrepreneurship by producing promotional products on fabric and paper.  Youth employees have the opportunity to become involved in every aspect of the business: design, printing, shipping, customer service, marketing and accounting and exit with marketable skills and references.

The Brattleboro-based program operating out of Brattleboro Printmakers on Elliot Street, pairs 12-24 year olds with volunteer mentors possessing professional skills such as design, running a small business, or promotions,  and who are interested in being a part of a young person’s life.

Members of DemoGraphix can make and sell their own designs as well as be employed by the company. Participants learn how to be a member of a team in a connected, supportive environment, and then take the next steps in their lives. To learn more about joining DemoGraphix email info@  or call (802) 257-0361 x138.

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