Therapeutic Case Management

"Youth Services saved me when I was in the lowest place in my life at the time. I suffer from mental illness and wasn’t getting the right treatment. I grew up with a rough childhood and became pregnant young. Youth Services taught me that there are good people in the world who will help you without taking from you and manipulating you. They help you grow, teach you how to be independent no matter what is going on in your life, even after you age out. I wouldn’t be the strong independent amazing mother I am today if I didn’t have Youth Services in my life."

—Young Woman, Bellows Falls

Youth Services provides cross-system case management and individualized service plans, ensuring that young adults engage in their own futures. One priority for services is to ensure that young adults have safe, stable and adequate housing.

The Youth Services staff reaches out to young adults (ages 16 to 22) who are out of school or at risk of dropping out of school through our drop-in night, peer outreach services and other service access points in the community. Youth Services works to improve access to mental health services for the young adults and encourage them to engage in services to improve their lives.

Plans address:

  • employment and career direction
  • education
  • interpersonal skills
  • emotional and mental health needs
  • other issues depending on the individual

Youth Services uses the Transition to Independence Program model, which is an evidenced-based assessment tool. Youth Services became certified as a TIPS provider in 2014.  This national certification reviews agency staffing, standards, and protocols.

Please fill out our referral forms:

Client Referral Sheet

Community Partner Referral Cover Sheet

Email both referral forms to the Intake Coordinator at or call the hotlines:

Medical Crisis: Please call 911 or visit Emergency Room

A Place to Sleep Tonight (Ages 12-23): Youth Services Hotline (866) 888-4498

Mental Health: Call HCRS Crisis: (800) 622-4235, 911 or visit Emergency Room