Transitioning from Foster Care

"Making the transition to adulthood is difficult enough, let alone for youth who have been removed from their home and don’t necessarily have an intact family support system. With our case management, young people aging out of foster care are able to find stable housing, gain educational and job training experience, and move on to college or employment. I see my role as a nudge, pushing clients to take steps in the direction of their goals and building on the positive assets they possess."

—Youth Services Case Manager

Youth Services provides youth development and independent living case management services for youth ages 15 to 22 who are currently in or were formerly in foster care. The goal of this Department of Children and Families (DCF) funded program is to provide access to supports leading to employment, education or training opportunities, affordable housing, access to health care and a network of caring adults as these young people transition to adulthood.

Youth who voluntarily agree to goals of safety, well-being, permanency and self-sufficiency can access a range of age-appropriate services to ensure a successful transition to adulthood, including the avoidance of homelessness, incarceration, and substance misuse. Enrichment funds and extended care financial support provide concrete goods to the youth, such as tuition assistance, computers, textbooks, car repairs, clothing, etc. as determined by the youth, case manager and DCF team.

The services provided by this program may include:

  • family skills development
  • restorative living skills development
  • crisis intervention
  • case management
  • extended care financial supports
  • alternative living arrangement agreements