Why measure outcomes?  Knowing in concrete terms whether Youth Services and its clients are meeting their goals is important because:

  • As an agency we want to continuously improve the quality of our services.
  • Youth Services has information about the effectiveness of the services we provide.  Youth Services can monitor and adjust to improve outcomes.
  • Youth Services can evaluate and recommend changes as needed.

Youth Services has the evidence necessary to:

  • Develop standards of practice based on what standards actually get better results for clients.
  • Develop suggested tools and databases for services
  • Participate in policy discussions and debates with evidence about the costs and benefits of services

To measure outcomes in Youth Services we:

  • Agree on the specific outcomes to be achieved.
  • Develop valid and reliable measurement tools for these outcomes.
  • Use the tools to measure change in clients over time (including collecting and analyzing the data).
  • Show a cause and effect connection between the service provision and the outcomes.

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