Where your money goes

Your gifts to Youth Services, both large and small, will make an impact on local youth and families. During our long history—spanning four decades—we have never lost sight of who we are helping and how to make our funding stretch to meet their needs. The dollar figures below will give you an idea of the variety of programs your donations will help support.

$25 – Underwrites a meal for 20 teens taking part in life skills development at Drop-in Night.

$30 – Publicizes drug and alcohol free activities for positive Youth Development.

$50 – Covers two months of supplies for Friend For Change after school activities.

$75 – Purchases educational materials for 8 young women signed up for Young Mom’s Group.

$100 – Allows professional response to a suicide call on the 24/7 Crisis Response line.

$200 – Shelters a Runaway youth in a Youth Services’ host home for one week.

$300 – Underwrites Mediation for a family that couldn’t otherwise afford this service.

$400 – Covers a month of therapeutic Case Management for youth unsafely housed or at-risk of homelessness.

$500 – Subsidizes rent for 2 youth Transitioning to Independence and employment.

$700 – Permits 3 months of Home Visits to families in crisis for potential abuse or neglect.

$1,000 – Supports a Mentor match with a young adult for one year.

$1,250 – Underwrites a Transitional Living coaching of a young adult for four months.

$1,500 –Underwrites one month of Court Diversion boards (6 hearings of 21 cases).